Taste of Reiki Event

If you would like to try Reiki but are not ready to commit to the half or full session, the Taste of Reiki event may be a perfect fit! These sessions are short, discounted Reiki sessions so a person is able to try it out with time and minimal financial commitments. 
These mini sessions are ideal GIFTS to give to friends or loved ones who are unfamiliar with Reiki but would greatly benefit from this relaxing, healing energy practice!

Upcoming Dates:

  • September 2019
  • October 2019
  • November 2019
  • December 2019
  • January 2020
  • February 2020
  • March 2020
Saturday, Sept. 14th from 1-4 pm
Saturday, Oct. 12th from 1-4 pm
Saturday, Nov. 9th from 1-4 pm
Saturday, Dec. 14th from 1-4 pm
Saturday, Jan. 11th from 1-4 pm
Saturday, Feb. 8th from 1-4 pm
Saturday, Mar. 14th from 1-4 pm

Register for your Taste of Reiki Session today!

Please reserve your Taste of Reiki session in advanced. To register, please send an email to carolynshares@gmail.com or click here and submit a direct message to me.
Please provide:
  • Your name
  • The date you want to book
  • Your preferred contact phone number and email  
You will receive an email confirmation of the date you requested and your scheduled time. There will be up to 8 available spots for each event. All sessions will be booked between 1:00 and 4:00 pm and will take 30 minutes. The address and directions will be included in the confirmation email. As a courtesy, please cancel or reschedule up to one day prior to the event.