Updated: Jan 18, 2020

If you judge yourself for the loss or ending of a relationship, stop! In this world we experience both light and dark. We experience highs and lows, day and night, life and death. Our entire life exists in duality. Relationships are temporary, just like the use of the body is temporary. That is not a judgement. Please see the end of a relationship as the perfect completion of a lesson. That lesson no longer offers you growth or healing opportunities.

The length of a relationship is not an accurate measurement of how successful a relationship is. Also, the end of a relationship doesn't mean you fully understood the purpose (or lesson) of that relationship. You may even repeat the same relationship experiences over and over with different partners. This indicates that learning is not complete. Did you find that being with a partner brought you a clearer vision for what you desire in partnership? Do you feel like you understand more about yourself or others because of your relationship? That discovery is a better measurement of success of a relationship than a 30 year wedding anniversary.

Endings and beginnings are just changes. Change is neutral. But when you see a change in the physical world, it first enters your field of awareness, and then your ego assigns it a story. A story that boxes in the idea, that way, you can say you know what it means and can defend your behavior based on that story. When your partner leaves you and you think it's unfair tragedy, your (now) ex, can think their exit from the relationship as the best thing that ever happened to them.

Everything in this world has a beginning and an end. Relationships with friends, co-workers, family, spouses or partners, even the relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself begins the day you were born and ends the day you leave the body. Trust that the Divine web of relationship that is constantly in flux and will always self-correct and find it's way back to equilibrium just as it was designed to do. Trust that the success of the Universe doesn't depend on you making relationships last forever. Enjoy them like the changing seasons!


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