About Me

Carolyn Mackey, Reiki Master Teacher
Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I'm extremely excited to be in the world, living and breathing my true purpose, which is to be a conduit for the benevolent life force energy.
I'm a playful and sensitive, super-charged Reiki Healer, Miracle Master, and Smile Billionaire. I believe I am here during this lifetime to create a glorious little corner of the universe that encourages compassionate, enthusiastic, and blissful self-care for my clients. My goal is to assist each client in the development of their individual awareness of spiritual gifts and tools, so that they become their own best resource for relief and healing. 

Above photos taken during a group Reiki session I offered on the Waves of Light Conscious Cruise in January, 2019.

Photo credits: Rachel Sorbet

My Story

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