What Can Hypnosis Do?

Hypnotherapy offers a variety of benefits:

  • Treat phobias, PTSD, obsessions, and anxiety

  • Help with sleeping disorders

  • Help ease depression

  • Alleviate stress

  • Help process grief and loss

  • Assist you to quit smoking or lose weight

  • Help you maintain a more positive mindset

  • Help you achieve goals

  • Soothe pain, accelerate healing

  • Help improve athletic performance

Hypnosis gets to the core of the issue, to “re-program” or change the way you mentally and emotionally process your experiences, and help modify your behaviors and response to dealing with certain situations.



The process is a scientifically proven approach to overcoming mental and behavioral patterns using relaxation techniques. It’s a state of consciousness much like the state between awake (alert) and asleep (unaware) meaning you will be conscious the whole time.
  • You’ll be awake but extremely relaxed –  Not sleeping
  • Your eyes may be closed but you will be able to open them at any time you choose
  • You’ll be in a reclined and relaxed position
  • Your sense of time may feel distorted 
  • Although completely conscious, you may not remember the entire session
  • Client rate of change varies, most change therapies require multiple sessions
  • Change and progress will correlate to client's use and application of tools and suggestions

Can Hypnotherapy Work For Me?

  • Anyone can be hypnotized 

  • Hypnosis is a daydreamy state of mind

  • Scientifically established as a beneficial therapy in 1952

  • No, you aren't going to cluck like a chicken

  • At times hypnotherapy works rapidly, but the most common hypnotherapy experience requires multiple sessions to ensure long-term improvement