To create a comfortable and inviting sanctuary where clients effortlessly release stress and discomfort, promoting the richest level of SELF-care possible.


Service - The readiness to be of assistance to my clientele with a belief in client-centered solutions.
Integrity - A stringent adherence to honesty and ethical principles aligned to Divine moral order.
Professionalism - Certified practitioner with skillful business practices and aptitude for efficacy.

Client Testimonials

"Carolyn is a true Love light and gifted energy healer! I felt such a sweet sense of nurturing comfort while on her table... knowing that I was safe in her gentle care. I also deeply appreciated her wise counsel and intuitive encouragement... Thank you for sharing your loving passion and purpose!"

SuZen Merrell - Denver, CO

"I received a few distance healing sessions from Carolyn during some of the most challenging times of my medical journey. Every time I received a healing I felt a warm, comforting, and soothing energy that would put me in a dreamlike state and make my current worries and anxiety drain away. I would feel peaceful during the sessions and hours after with increased mental clarity, lowered tension, and an increase in optimism. There was one session where I felt so at peace and one with nature that without thinking, I went on a walk, barefoot around the neighborhood with not a care in the world. Receiving Reiki from Carolyn has been such a help in some of my most difficult times.”

Erik Lund - Longmont, CO

Carolyn has the heart and energy of one who knows the power of living a life in alignment with LOVE and ease. As an energy professional myself, I was excited to feel the purity within the healing energy stream that came with my Reiki session with her. Her approach is organic, intuitive, and Power Full!"

CeeJay Adams, PhD - Denver, CO



"Carolyn’s gifts are unmatched. You can feel a depth of peace in her heart that is unique and that I have not experienced prior. She navigates the world with a pure heart and a steadfast commitment to creating a more harmonious society. Her capacity for healing is a thing of wonder!"

Dr. Kate Bachtel - Boulder, CO


"I can sum up my Reiki session with one word, “WOW!” As an energy healer myself, I’m used to giving, but not receiving. I was so stoked to finally book a session with Carolyn, and she did NOT disappoint! I was especially amazed at her deep level of intuition... she picked right up on my blockages and knew just where I needed healing! She also provides a remarkably comfortable environment, perfectly conducive for relaxation, and healing. There are Reiki Masters... and then there’s the master of all masters....THAT is Carolyn!”

Vernon Smith - Westminster, CO


Carolyn in her Infinite Wisdom was able to help me work through some problems a psychologist could not help with. She's worth her weight in gold."

Larry Henry - Parrish, FL


She is the most positive person I have ever met. You can feel her aura shining bright over you. She has a way of helping you release blockages held within. I started going when I was pregnant and feel like Reiki healing is an essential ritual to a happy and more fulfilling life. Try one time and you will FEEL the difference for months! So thankful for being introduced to this practice and she is the only Reiki healer that I have been able to resonate with."

Angelita Colon - Centennial, CO